Clear Channel Netherlands

Our media

We optimize your outdoor campaign

Clear Channel Nederland has (digital) adshels, billboards and advertising masts throughout the Netherlands. Our various media platforms connect brands with people. Our aim is to optimize outdoor campaigns, to ensure every brand enjoys maximum effect from campaigns.


Visible spaces

We occupy in excess of 19,250 visible spaces in the Dutch streetscape. Our (digital) bus shelters, billboards, advertising masts and education media are available at both a local and a national level.

Contacts every week
172 million

Our spaces and channels reach approximately 172 million contacts every week. Outdoor advertising’s key advantage is its ability to establish considerable reach in a very short space of time.

Nationwide reach

Our media have a recognised presence in 333 of the Netherlands’ 388 local council areas. This translates as a facility to reach up to 79% of the Dutch population between the ages of 13-75 in one week.