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People like you and I increasingly spent time outdoors; on our way from A to B. Come into contact with these millions of people at the very moment they are open and responsive to advertising. Where? You’ll find our outdoor objects located in around 300 local councils in the Netherlands.


From adshel with 2m² advertising surface to digital screens in shopping and parking areas, schools and colleges. Unavoidably visible 24/7 at street level. Located throughout the Netherlands, our objects offer you exclusive reach.

From rural areas to the heart of the city


Clear Channel’s objects can be found in more than 300 of the Netherlands’ 355 local councils. The objects are ubiquitous, spread throughout the Netherlands; from roadside bus shelters in rural areas to the heart of the city.


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Our growing digital network

City Live

City Live is Clear Channel’s exclusive digital network with screens in cities, as well as appearing in parking facilities in the bigger cities. The screens are sited in the heart of and around the city centres and shopping areas. Ideal for reaching shoppers just prior to making those all-important purchases, whether en route to the shops, parking the car or in the street.


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Reach Gen Z

Education Media

Our Education Media reach Gen Z right at the place where they should be: in school. Our Education Media can be found in all types of educational establishments, from secondary schools to universities throughout the Netherlands.


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