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For many of our advertisers, Gen Z is an important target group, but it is difficult to reach them. School is a place where they can be reached, simply because they are there almost every day. Our renewed Education Media proposition is therefore fully focused on reaching Gen Z. Partly because of this, we have chosen to expand this network with brand new digital screens. This is a logical step, because Gen Z = digital and the opportunities for interaction and for using data are greater with digital. In this way, advertisers can make their message even more relevant to the target group.


Unique proposition

Combination of analogue and digital

The Education Media Network consists of 2,600 analogue panels distributed across more than 300 secondary schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities throughout the Netherlands. In addition to the analogue panels, part of the Education Media Network has been digitized. These new digital screens are located at high traffic locations, such as in the auditorium/canteen, at the entrance/exit and in the central hall. At the moment you will find the digital network at over 30 educational locations throughout the Netherlands, in cities such as Den Bosch, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. This network is growing rapidly and will soon reach 100 screens. An up-to-date overview of numbers and locations can be found via the button below.

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We know Gen Z

Research Gen Z @ School

To reach Gen Z, it is important to know what they do and what they think. In cooperation with YoungWorks, we therefore conducted research among over 600 young people aged 12 to 24. This research provides insight into how young people move around at school on an average school day. We also set up a youth panel, consisting of 24 young people. Together with advertisers, our youth panel will find out which expressions and activations appeal to the target group and why, and which could possibly be improved and how.

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