Gym Live

Clear Channel has started a partnership with Basic-Fit as of October 2021. The digital screens within Basic-Fit sports clubs have therefore been added to our digital portfolio. It concerns about 1,290 screens divided over more than 215 clubs. On all Basic-Fit screens full-motion content is allowed. A great advantage and something that fits in with two frequently seen target groups in the Basic-Fit clubs: Generation Z and Millenials.


60% of visitors = Gen Z or Millenial

Gym Live offers brands the opportunity to interact with young and sporty consumers through digital screens in clubs. About 60% of the visitors are between 17 and 35 years old. The screens are therefore a perfect communication tool to reach these target groups. Since the screens are located at high traffic locations within the clubs, they cannot be missed. There is always one screen at the entrance and divided over the club there are also 5 screens. A total of 6 screens per club.

Over 9 million contacts per month

Basic-Fit has 2 million visits per month in the Netherlands. The 1,290 screens spread across 215 clubs together provide 9 million contacts per month. Contacts at club and screen level are understandable on a day and even hourly basis, because based on the access control we know how many people are in the club at a specific time. We also know the gender and age range of these visitors. A wealth of interesting data is available to purchase the best possible campaign.

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