We optimize your outdoor campaign

Our goal is to optimise outdoor campaigns. We do this by calling upon our wealth of expert knowledge, as well as a combination of insights and data, to ensure brands achieve maximum return from their campaigns. How we do this? With People & Places and with Create.

Reach your target group

People & Places

With People & Places we get your target group in our crosshairs, at just the right moment and in the right location. We have over 2 million POS (point of sale) and POI (point of interest) locations and other relevant data, which we link up with our objects. This allows us to reach your target group at specific locations throughout the entire country.

For example, your campaign can be highly visible near points of sale selected by you, such as adjacent to an identified supermarket, off-licence or chemist. You can be visible right where you desire to be placed and with perfect timing, i.e. the moment preceding the decision to buy. Smart; particularly when you consider that 86% of purchases are impulse buys, with an astonishing 57% of people doing so regularly. We can also ensure your message appears in the vicinity of places your target group frequents; consider for example sports fields and arenas, motorways, schools, theme parks, casinos, restaurants, bars and libraries.


Help with creation


The effect of an outdoor campaign is 47% determined by the advertising’s design. Create can help you put together your outdoor advertising. We can assess your design prior to the campaign using a Visual Scan. This scan will track and identify which area of a poster a person’s eyes are attracted to within the first 3 – 5 seconds. Based on the results we can advise on how a design may be visually optimised. We can also perform an impact analysis after the campaign. We perform this post-assessment in collaboration with the Validators research agency.

We also provide you with eight golden tips prior to launching which you can refer to when creating your outdoor message, ensuring you obtain the maximum return from your campaign.

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