Visible at exactly the location young people are frequently.

Can be used interactively.

Mass medium to reach young people.

Education Media

Want to reach young people with a lot of impact? Our Education Media are ideal to reach the hard-to-reach target group of young people in a place where they have to be: at school. We do this with large and visible advertising spaces at 275 secondary schools and 46 colleges and universities throughout the Netherlands.

Local council areas
Secondary schools
Colleges and universities


Visible at exactly the location young people frequent


Can be used interactively by using social media


80% of secondary school students see Education Media of which 88% even daily


50% of secondary school students take action after having seen Education Media

Strategic places

Education Media can be found at well-visited locations within schools and universities such as canteens, coffee corners, auditorium and central hall. Because of there presence at these strategic places they are not to be missed.

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