Our online toolkit provides all the documents you need to book a campaign, with full information on matters such as prices, our delivery specifications, tips and a tool for uploading your files.

Delivery specifications

You can download our delivery specifications for all objects here.


Delivery Specifications



Abri Campagne DKNY


You will find the rates for our standard packages on our price list. The standard packages indicate the possibilities and the costs involved. However, we always look forward to providing you with a tailor-made proposal.



Adshel met Kruidvat in Utrecht

Layout tips for an outdoor campaign

Large scale and excellent locations alone do not create a notable campaign. Research clearly demonstrates that success depends up to 47% on the strength of a campaign’s design. We can provide eight essential tips to help optimise an outdoor campaign.


Eight golden tips

City Live Almere Guess campagne

Submitting files

As described in the delivery specifications, you can choose where to have your material printed or leave this to us. If you select us to do the printing for you, you can submit your digital files via our online delivery tool.


Delivery tool


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